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Signs of Hope in the World’s Fastest-Growing Markets?

posted by in Industry November 29, 2010

Around the world today, policy-makers are coming to understand the role intellectual property can play in invigorating economic growth and creating jobs. I have just returned from a series of meetings in India and China, and while I saw signs of progress on intellectual property issues in both places, I was also reminded first hand of the significant challenges the software industry still faces in these fast-growing markets. 

China Sees Software Legalization as “Low-Hanging Fruit”

During my visit to China, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wang Qishan, Vice Premier of the State Council, who shared the software industry’s views on the importance of maintaining a strong intellectual property rights regime in order to spur innovation. (more…)

In Federal IT Policy, It’s Now “Cloud First”

posted by in Cloud Computing November 22, 2010

The federal government’s effort to close the IT gap between the public and private sectors will put cloud computing first, OMB Deputy Director for Management and Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients announced Friday.

Zients, who revealed the broad outlines of a five-part Obama administration proposal to increase the efficiency of the federal government, said that under one element of the proposal federal agencies will be asked to adopt “light technologies and shared solutions.” In practical terms, Zients said, this element includes a “cloud-first” policy that requires agencies to choose (more…)

Closing the Deal on Cybersecurity Legislation

posted by in Cybersecurity November 2, 2010

Bank SafeWell, that headline might be premature. Unless something dramatic happens in the lame duck session after today’s midterm elections — which appears unlikely — we will not have a cybersecurity bill this year. And that might not be such a bad thing, because while lawmakers have made some good headway on cybersecurity issues in the 111th Congress, challenging questions remain.

With Cybersecurity Awareness Month now behind us, it seems an appropriate time to pause and review the bidding that has brought us to this point.

Two major cybersecurity bills have made it through committee in the Senate and a considerable amount of work has been done to reconcile them into a package (more…)