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China’s Software Audits: Green Eyeshades or Rose-Colored Glasses?

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement January 27, 2011

Chinese Flag

Now that the dust has settled from Chinese President Hu Jintao’s recent visit to Washington, it is worth pausing to take stock of the latest round of developments on the thorny issue of software legalization, long a source of frustration in US-China economic relations.

Recall that the issue topped the agenda in December’s ministerial (more…)

The Year “Cloud” Drops Its Quotation Marks

posted by in Cloud Computing January 18, 2011

Cloud ComputingRemember when the word Internet was entering the popular lexicon? It was the mid-1990s. The implications of the new technology were becoming clear, and the word was starting to appear frequently in the news. But it often appeared in quotation marks (as in, “the global system of interconnected computer networks known as the ‘Internet’”), because many readers didn’t yet understand what it was or why it mattered. (more…)

Why Technology Neutrality Matters

posted by in Industry January 13, 2011

The US government spends nearly $80 billion a year on computers, software, networking equipment and related services, making it the world’s largest customer for information technology, by far. This gives it enormous heft in the marketplace. The choices it makes have wide ramifications.

So imagine for a minute that it decided to favor certain technologies or ways of developing technology, regardless of whether or not those technologies happened to merit the preference. (more…)