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Tailoring Consumer Protections for Digital Services

posted by in Industry March 29, 2011

Europe’s consumer protection framework is currently under review, which is a good thing: strong consumer protection for Europeans is a must. This review provides an opportunity to assure consumers of a reliable standard of protection throughout the European single market and to reduce the regulatory and legal burden on companies by harmonizing the cacophony of consumer protection rules that exist for physical goods in Europe. (more…)

Real Crimes with Real Victims

posted by in Intellectual Property March 17, 2011

One of the great misconceptions about intellectual property theft is that it is little more than a nuisance crime. By this faulty reasoning, there’s no real harm in using commercial products without paying for them, and it’s no big deal if someone sets up shop to sell cheap knockoffs of the real thing.

But the White House has put the lie to such misconstrued notions by unveiling an important new series of legislative proposals that would increase criminal penalties for IP offenses that, among other things, threaten public health and safety, affect national security, or are committed by organized criminal enterprises or gangs. (more…)

Scaling the Mount Everest of Trade Barriers to Create Jobs

posted by in Intellectual Property March 16, 2011

It is a truism: To grow in the global economy, a country must trade. The Obama Administration and Congress clearly understand this. It’s why the President has set a goal of doubling US exports in five years — and why lawmakers are pressing hard to ensure that happens.

Congress recently has been scrutinizing US trade policy to identify pressure points, obstacles and opportunities to open international markets for US goods and services. I testified before the House Ways and Means Committee last summer at a hearing on the far-reaching impact of China’s trade and industrial policies. (more…)

SAM Advantage Challenge: The Race Begins…

posted by in Industry March 16, 2011

We hear it all the time. IT managers tell us they want to work with local IT professionals who are certified in implementing proven software asset management (SAM) programs. They are eager to implement SAM because they know it can help them maximize the business value they capture from their companies’ software assets.

But they want to be sure they get the implementation right on the first try, and that often requires working face-to-face with a certified professional.

In response to this demand, BSA is kicking off a SAM Advantage Challenge, in which IT professionals race (more…)

An Action Plan on Cybersecurity

posted by in Cybersecurity March 9, 2011

The last Congress adjourned without enacting cybersecurity legislation. That certainly does not send the debate back to square one, because at least one major bill from last year has already been reintroduced in the 112th Congress — the Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Act of 2011 (S. 413), offered by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Tom Carper (D-Del.). But a break in the action (not to mention a shift of political control in the House) provides an opportunity for reflection and some new strategic thinking about the best path forward.

That’s why the cybersecurity action plan that BSA unveiled this week with a coalition of highly respected and influential partners is so important. The plan — produced by BSA, the Center for Democracy & Technology, the Internet Security Alliance, TechAmerica and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (more…)