SAM Advantage Challenge: The Race Begins…

posted by in Industry March 16, 2011
Mar 16

We hear it all the time. IT managers tell us they want to work with local IT professionals who are certified in implementing proven software asset management (SAM) programs. They are eager to implement SAM because they know it can help them maximize the business value they capture from their companies’ software assets.

But they want to be sure they get the implementation right on the first try, and that often requires working face-to-face with a certified professional.

In response to this demand, BSA is kicking off a SAM Advantage Challenge, in which IT professionals race to become the first person in their state to receive a Certification in Standards Based SAM (CSS).

The SAM Advantage Challenge aims to build an elite, nationwide network of IT professionals who have mastered the processes required to implement SAM programs conforming to the definitive SAM standard set by the International Organization for Standardization. That standard provides a foundation for SAM practitioners to work across multiple software platforms, and it provides them with an understanding of the business and technical challenges facing organizations in a broad range of industries.

To become a CSS professional, an individual must successfully complete BSA’s SAM Advantage program, a first-of-its-kind, global SAM training and certification course that helps users better manage their software assets, increase IT efficiencies, control costs, and identify and reduce IT risks. SAM Advantage was developed in collaboration with veteran practitioners, so it draws on the practical experience and technical expertise of software vendors throughout the IT industry. It is a self-paced course that is fully aligned with the ISO’s global SAM standard.

As part of the SAM Advantage Challenge, BSA is compiling a central directory of all CSS professionals in the United States. It will note the first CSS professionals to be certified in each state. The Challenge will conclude when at least one CSS professional has been certified in all 50 states.

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