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Piracy and Security Threats Go Hand In Hand

posted by in Cybersecurity May 25, 2011

Ten years ago, the main threats to security online were vandals and hackers. They chased notoriety and relished the challenge of beating security systems. Their calling cards tended to be denial-of-service attacks, which they used to bring down prominent sites such as eBay and CNN.

Today, the stakes are much higher. Organized criminal enterprises are using the Internet to (more…)

The European Cloud Computing Strategy: Getting It Right

posted by in Cloud Computing May 19, 2011

The benefits of cloud computing increasingly are being recognized by policymakers and regulators around the world. Organizations of all kinds can now do more with less initial investment, making use of the best online technologies the software industry can offer.

The European Commission is mindful of these developments and the potential value of the cloud for businesses, governments and end users in the European Union (EU). Commissioner Neelie Kroes, the Directorate General for the Digital Agenda for Europe, in particular has embraced cloud computing’s promise to deliver “unprecedented flexibility and economies of scale.”

In order to ensure the best policy framework is enacted to support the development of a “European cloud economy,” Commissioner Kroes announced (more…)

Software Piracy Leaps to Record $59 Billion in 2010

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 12, 2011

The software industry is being robbed blind. That is the main conclusion I draw from the newly released 2010 BSA Global Software Piracy Study, which is available with a rich, interactive presentation of the latest data at

Theft of software for personal computers leapt 14 percent around the world last year to a new record of $59 billion — an amount that has nearly doubled in real terms since 2003. It’s truly stunning to think about: For every dollar of legal PC software sales, another 62 cents worth of products are being stolen.

Emerging economies like China, Indonesia, and Russia are the driving forces behind the trend, (more…)

Software Theft on the Table at May 9–10 S&ED

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 9, 2011

Four out of five software programs installed on personal computers in China are stolen at a commercial value of nearly $8 billion dollars a year.

That issue will be on the table this week when President Obama’s economic team sits down in Washington with its Chinese counterparts for their annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue. The question is: Will this year’s S&ED mark a turning point or another in a long line of opportunities that China squanders?

The US delegation is keenly aware that China has made a number of recent commitments to curb software piracy, but it has yet to deliver. The most recent commitments came in January, when Chinese President Hu Jintao (more…)