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Dear Supercommittee, Leverage IT for Deficit Reduction

posted by in Cloud Computing, Industry October 28, 2011

The closely watched deliberations of the so-called “supercommittee” on deficit reduction represent an inflection point, not just for congressional efforts to rein in federal deficits and begin paying down America’s public debt, but also for the growth prospects of the US economy. The supercommittee’s assignment is no easy task, to be sure, but it offers a clear mandate to focus federal spending on things that will increase efficiency and maximize return on investment while minimizing waste.


ECPA’s Silver Anniversary: Time for Reform

posted by in Cybersecurity October 19, 2011

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), the law that sets the standards by which authorities can access electronic communications and data, turns 25 years old this week.  Yet many of the electronic technologies it covers — technologies we use day in and day out — are much younger. Just think: ECPA took effect a decade before the World Wide Web took off, before most people used email, before there were smartphones and mobile-location technologies, before there was social media or cloud computing. (more…)