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Five Steps to a More Coherent Data Framework for Europe’s Single Market

posted by in Data November 28, 2011

For any data-driven enterprise hoping to grow its operations in Europe today, the vaunted Single Market is a chimera. Rather than a harmonized legal framework and clear rules for how companies must safeguard people’s personal information and preserve their privacy, one finds a confusing patchwork.

Take the example of a cloud computing service that offers software tools, data storage, and processing power for enterprise-level clients to use in running their operations. The technology architecture of such a service should easily allow the cloud provider’s physical headquarters to be located in one country, its servers to be located in another, and its customers to be spread all over Europe. (Such economies of scale are in fact the very point of cloud computing.) The cloud service provider’s client companies, in turn, could have their own customers in any number of different locations. (more…)

SOPA Needs Work to Address Innovation Considerations

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement November 21, 2011

When House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith and his bipartisan cosponsors last month introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), I said in a press statement that the bill would have to balance key innovation, privacy and security considerations with the need to thwart the threat rogue websites pose before BSA can give its support to SOPA.  This remains the case.

Last week, when the Committee held a hearing on SOPA, I listened carefully to Members’ statements and questions as to how this balance would be achieved. It is evident (more…)

India’s Opportunity to Accelerate IT Growth

posted by in Industry November 18, 2011

After a week of meetings with policymakers and business leaders in New Delhi, I leave convinced India is on the right path to achieve its goal of becoming a power center in the global IT economy. As I noted a few days ago, the country is moving rapidly up the leader board in IT industry (more…)

At Last, Industry-Standard SAM for Organizations

posted by in Industry November 17, 2011

In every sector of the global economy, organizations of all types rely on software tools to communicate, to make products, to offer services, and to manage their operations. But keeping track of all those software assets can be a challenge, especially for a large enterprise. More divisions, more teams, more projects mean more software — and mismanaging it can expose the organization to a slew of risks, from inefficiency to legal liability.

Fortunately, there is a proven, internationally recognized way to administer software assets (more…)

Partnering to Strengthen India’s IT Ecosystem

posted by in Industry November 16, 2011

“Technology has transformational power,” the Government of India declares in its 2011 National Policy on Information Technology. “It is a great leveler of opportunity within and across economies.”

This observation is undeniably true, and India is well on its way to achieving its aspiration of harnessing technology innovation to become one of the world’s leading knowledge economies. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, India starts with a number (more…)

India, a Country on the Move

posted by in Industry November 15, 2011

A rising tide lifts all boats, but some tides rise higher than others. BSA this week is holding its annual Global Strategy Summit in New Delhi because, in the global software and IT markets, India has the potential to be an especially powerful tide. (more…)

NIST’s Cloud Roadmap

posted by in Cloud Computing November 10, 2011

In case anyone remains skeptical about the US government’s commitment to cloud computing, the unveiling last week of a draft roadmap for future cloud-related efforts should lay those doubts to rest. The roadmap effort, which reflects input from experts in government and industry, is no mere bureaucratic exercise. It shows how the Obama Administration’s vision for a “cloud-first” IT policy is being turned into operational reality. (more…)