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The Real Impact of Bringing Down the Net’s Bad Actors

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement January 30, 2012

It was hard to miss the coverage and attention devoted to the recent takedown of the illegal filesharing site  The sheer magnitude of copyrighted material that was being illegally shared on the site was newsworthy.  There were also the added elements of the lavish lifestyle and dramatic arrest of megaupload’s founder.  But the attention may be obscuring the greatest impact of law enforcement bringing down one of the Internet’s truly bad actors.

The facts of the megaupload case are straightforward.  Ten days ago, the Department of Justice revealed that seven individuals involved in the operation of and related sites were indicted for operating a criminal enterprise responsible for “massive worldwide online piracy of copyrighted works.”  Four of those indicted were taken into custody in New Zealand.  (more…)

Making Sure the EU’s Next Step on Privacy Is the Right One

posted by in Data January 24, 2012

In one of the most significant steps on data privacy in recent years, the European Commission is set tomorrow to put forward a comprehensive plan to reform the EU’s data protection rules.  As a starting point in this long process, the Commission should be lauded for tackling one of the most critical issues of the digital age.  At the same time we urge the Commission to refrain from adopting the overly prescription approach embodied in this draft which we feel would thwart access by EU member’s citizens to the full array of the most exciting products and services the digital economy has to offer.

The Commission’s effort accomplishes many long-overdue improvements to the EU’s current data privacy regime.  It will replace the current overlapping – and often contradictory – system with a single set of rules that applies in all EU member states and covers all types of businesses.  These changes will enable a more-unified Single Market (more…)

BSA Commends Senate and House Leaders for Postponing Action on PIPA, SOPA

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement January 20, 2012

The Business Software Alliance today welcomed decisions by Senate and House leaders to postpone action on the PROTECT IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act to allow more time for substantive concerns with the proposed online piracy legislation to be carefully considered and addressed. Read the statement here.