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Mapping the Global Policy Environment for Cloud Computing

posted by in Cloud Computing, Data February 22, 2012

BSA Global Cloud Computing ScorecardCloud computing is the fastest-growing and most exciting new sector in the software and computing industries. IDC estimates that by 2015 revenue from public IT cloud services will account for one out of every seven dollars spent on commercial software, server, and storage offerings. Private cloud solutions could add another 10 percent or 20 percent to the market. And even more significant for the global economy will be the knock-on benefits that come from accelerating digital commerce and making robust technology solutions available to more users with greater cost efficiencies than ever before.

But in a first-of-its-kind study of the global policy landscape, BSA has come to the troubling conclusion that a patchwork of conflicting laws and regulations threatens to prevent the cloud computing market from reaching its full potential on a global scale. Above all, the BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard finds there is a pressing need for governments to better harmonize their policies (more…)

Software Prices and Piracy in the Developing World: Correlation vs. Causation

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement February 7, 2012

Software piracy rates are highest in the developing world, where per capita incomes are lowest. For some observers, this correlation is evidence of causation. Software costs too much for people in emerging economies to afford, the argument goes; that’s why they steal it. Charge less, and the problem will take care of itself. (more…)