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The Legal Gulf Between China and the West Remains Wide

posted by in Intellectual Property March 28, 2012

What to do about China? It is the world’s second-largest economy and our second-largest trading partner, after neighboring Canada. Yet it remains the wild, wild East of the global economy, a place arguably more dangerous than anywhere else in the world for innovative U.S. companies to do business.

If likely president-to-be Xi Jinping is interested in improving bilateral relations, as he suggested during a recent visit to America, then addressing that problem would be an excellent place to start.

As things stand today, a troubling gap in the rule of law between China and the West costs America as much as $100 billion annually in sales and exports, at the expense of more than 2 million jobs. Those estimates come from the International Trade Commission, which investigated how American products that are supposed to be protected by copyrights, patents and trademarks — everything from software to pharmaceuticals to brand-name clothing — are instead being misappropriated (more…)

Time for a Final Push on Cybersecurity Legislation

posted by in Cybersecurity March 22, 2012

In an otherwise divided Congress, there is clear, bipartisan support for upgrading America’s cybersecurity capabilities. BSA believes this is an urgent matter of national and economic security; it cannot wait to be addressed. We also believe lawmakers are making significant progress. A number of House and Senate bills are pointed in the right direction, so it is time to hammer out the remaining details and get legislation passed.

In January, BSA outlined a series of policy priorities for cybersecurity legislation. Since then, Senate Homeland Security Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) introduced a robust bill, the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S.2105), which covers the most important bases (more…)

Breaking Down Barriers in the Global Cloud Computing Market

posted by in Cloud Computing March 7, 2012

By its very nature, cloud computing should be a global market. But if we don’t watch out, governments could chop it into little pieces by adopting competing laws and regulations that would prevent data from flowing across international borders. In a keynote address at the recent Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara, BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman described the challenge we face and proposed a way forward as he previewed the BSA Cloud Computing Scorecard. Watch the video…