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A Tale of Two Markets

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 17, 2012

It’s not every day that someone freely admits to criminal behavior. Traffic tickets aside, few people are brazen enough to acknowledge serious crimes. Yet in BSA’s ninth annual Global Software Piracy Study, more than half of the world’s computer users readily concede they steal software.

Some users say they acquire unlicensed applications all or most of the time. Others say they do it occasionally or rarely. It adds up to a crushing problem. The net effect in 2011 was a global software piracy rate of 42 percent. Because of rapid growth in the world’s highest-piracy markets, the commercial value of all that stolen software jumped more than $4 billion year-over-year to reach a new record total of $63.4 billion. (more…)

Shadow Market: BSA’s 2011 Global Software Piracy Study

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 15, 2012

BSA today released the ninth edition of our Global Software Piracy Study — and in it, we have plowed new ground. This year’s study marks the first time anyone has directly asked a large sample of computer users around the world, “How often do you acquire pirated software?”

The answers people have given to that and other questions reveal sharp divides between the habits and outlooks of users in emerging and developed markets. Those differences help explain why the global piracy rate hovered at 42 percent last year while a steadily expanding marketplace in the developing world drove the commercial value of software theft to $63.4 billion.

Here’s a brief overview of the study’s findings:

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