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A Catalogue of Worry for US IT Companies

posted by in Global Markets October 17, 2012

Every year, the Office of the United States Trade Representative issues a National Trade Estimate. It serves as a comprehensive catalogue of the market barriers American companies face around the world. In a public filing this week, BSA has recommended that a slew of alarming, IT-focused barriers be added to the list. (more…)

BSA Unveils New Global Brand

posted by in Industry October 11, 2012

When BSA was founded 24 years ago, the benefits of software innovation were heavily concentrated in the places people worked. Now BSA member companies are making education and health care more effective, entertainment more interactive, communication richer, and the world around us more navigable.

As the industry’s leading advocate, BSA is rapidly evolving, too. Earlier this year, we implemented a strategic alignment of our operations around integrated advocacy (more…)

Principles to Guide Modernization of Europe’s Privacy Rules: Trust, Flexibility, and Shared Responsibility

posted by in Data October 9, 2012

With their summer recess now well and truly over, European policymakers are turning their attention toward modernizing the data protection framework for the Single Market.

This week in Brussels, the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee is holding an inter-parliamentary hearing to solicit input from the Member States on the draft Data Protection Regulation released in January. Also this week, BSA is speaking at the Annual Privacy Forum 2012 in Limassol, Cyprus, where the Cypriot Presidency of the EU is hosting a series of discussions with stakeholders including the European Commission, ENISA and others. (more…)

Software Compliance, a Win-Win

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement October 1, 2012

When enterprises effectively manage their software assets, everybody wins. And frequently the biggest winner is the enterprise itself. Organizations that intentionally or even inadvertently use software that is not fully licensed face a host of risks — including legal risk (which can prove exceedingly expensive), security threats, and the reputational risk associated with a lawsuit or a security failure. Organizations that don’t know what software they have, or whether it is properly licensed, also suffer from operational inefficiencies, leading directly to increased costs. (more…)