Encryption: Securing Our Data, Securing Our Lives

posted by in Cybersecurity, Data June 1, 2016
Jun 01

Encryption impacts our daily lives from the moment we get up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep. When we log into work from home, use a credit card to pay for lunch, or just text a friend, encryption is keeping our data secure. Encryption is also keeping us safe by protecting critical infrastructure and the information that moves across national security networks.

There is an important debate going on around the country — and around the world — about the importance of strong cybersecurity, which relies on encryption, and the legitimate needs of law enforcement to access encrypted data. The conversation has, at times, been heated. When discussions get heated, facts often get left behind.

At BSA |The Software Alliance, we recognize that there are legitimate security interests on all sides of the debate. As part of our effort to support a fact-based, thoughtful, and deliberative dialogue on this issue, we put together Encryption: Securing Our Data, Securing Our Lives. This primer on encryption explains how it works and how it is used. I encourage you to read the primer and participate in the debate so all voices are heard.

Learn more at www.bsa.org/EncryptionMatters.

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