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STEM Winding

Sep 21, 2012 in Industry

The US economy — still the biggest in the world, by far — drives and thrives on innovation. But innovation, as we know, depends on the best minds in the world. No top talent, no next new thing. Put it this way: A + B = C. (Or maybe: E = MC2.) One way we … Read More >>

The party nominating conventions in Tampa, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C. — not to mention Hurricane Isaac — have temporarily diverted the political world’s attention from important unfinished business in Washington. But with the clock ticking on the 112th Congress, there’s urgent need for lawmakers to pass bipartisan legislation and for the Administration to take measures … Read More >>

“If your neighbor’s house gets broken into, you’d want to know about it.” That was how John Landwehr, Vice President for Digital Government Solutions at Adobe Systems, put a fine point on the need for efficient and effective sharing of cyber threat information. He spoke at a packed briefing BSA hosted today on Capitol Hill … Read More >>

In an otherwise divided Congress, there is clear, bipartisan support for upgrading America’s cybersecurity capabilities. BSA believes this is an urgent matter of national and economic security; it cannot wait to be addressed. We also believe lawmakers are making significant progress. A number of House and Senate bills are pointed in the right direction, so … Read More >>

Could it be that after years of false starts and dashed hopes, the logjam is about to break on cybersecurity legislation? It is too soon to be sure, but one thing is abundantly clear: There is significant movement in both chambers of Congress. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has informed Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that … Read More >>