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Immigration reform is now firmly on the national agenda. This is good news, because hidden in the immigration debate is an immediate and pressing challenge facing the country, and lawmakers should seize the opportunity now to confront it. To remain productive, innovative and competitive, the United States needs to educate and train tens of thousands … Read More >>

There have been a number of important inflection points in the growth and maturation of the global software industry — the extension of copyright law to cover machine-readable code, the birth of the PC, the commercialization of the Internet, and the advent of cloud computing, to name a few. As we enter 2013, the industry … Read More >>

Every year, the Office of the United States Trade Representative issues a National Trade Estimate. It serves as a comprehensive catalogue of the market barriers American companies face around the world. In a public filing this week, BSA has recommended that a slew of alarming, IT-focused barriers be added to the list.

For anyone who cared to notice at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, it was abundantly clear that technology issues dovetail neatly with both parties’ views of our national interest. In their respective platforms, in the subtext of speeches, and at peripheral events in both Tampa and Charlotte, I heard general agreement that the things … Read More >>

From promoting the growth of the global cloud computing market, to curbing piracy, to enacting balanced cybersecurity legislation, there is critically important work underway in the United States and other markets on high-priority issues for the software industry. BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman covers several of the high points in this recent interview on … Read More >>