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Shadow Market: BSA’s 2011 Global Software Piracy Study

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 15, 2012

BSA today released the ninth edition of our Global Software Piracy Study — and in it, we have plowed new ground. This year’s study marks the first time anyone has directly asked a large sample of computer users around the world, “How often do you acquire pirated software?”

The answers people have given to that and other questions reveal sharp divides between the habits and outlooks of users in emerging and developed markets. Those differences help explain why the global piracy rate hovered at 42 percent last year while a steadily expanding marketplace in the developing world drove the commercial value of software theft to $63.4 billion.

Here’s a brief overview of the study’s findings:

Visit for all the details.

Software Prices and Piracy in the Developing World: Correlation vs. Causation

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement February 7, 2012

Software piracy rates are highest in the developing world, where per capita incomes are lowest. For some observers, this correlation is evidence of causation. Software costs too much for people in emerging economies to afford, the argument goes; that’s why they steal it. Charge less, and the problem will take care of itself. (more…)

The Real Impact of Bringing Down the Net’s Bad Actors

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement January 30, 2012

It was hard to miss the coverage and attention devoted to the recent takedown of the illegal filesharing site  The sheer magnitude of copyrighted material that was being illegally shared on the site was newsworthy.  There were also the added elements of the lavish lifestyle and dramatic arrest of megaupload’s founder.  But the attention may be obscuring the greatest impact of law enforcement bringing down one of the Internet’s truly bad actors.

The facts of the megaupload case are straightforward.  Ten days ago, the Department of Justice revealed that seven individuals involved in the operation of and related sites were indicted for operating a criminal enterprise responsible for “massive worldwide online piracy of copyrighted works.”  Four of those indicted were taken into custody in New Zealand.  (more…)

BSA Commends Senate and House Leaders for Postponing Action on PIPA, SOPA

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement January 20, 2012

The Business Software Alliance today welcomed decisions by Senate and House leaders to postpone action on the PROTECT IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act to allow more time for substantive concerns with the proposed online piracy legislation to be carefully considered and addressed. Read the statement here.

SOPA Needs Work to Address Innovation Considerations

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement November 21, 2011

When House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith and his bipartisan cosponsors last month introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), I said in a press statement that the bill would have to balance key innovation, privacy and security considerations with the need to thwart the threat rogue websites pose before BSA can give its support to SOPA.  This remains the case.

Last week, when the Committee held a hearing on SOPA, I listened carefully to Members’ statements and questions as to how this balance would be achieved. It is evident (more…)

A New Lever to Advance IP Protections

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement September 14, 2011

A recurring theme in this week’s discussions between BSA member-company technologists and their counterparts in government has been the question of how to crank up America’s innovation engine to more effectively foster new industries and create jobs that will drive a robust recovery in the near term and continue powering the US economy over the longer term.


Inside a $59 Billion Heist: The Contradictory Opinions and Behaviors of the World’s Software Pirates

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement September 7, 2011

Earlier this year, BSA reported in its annual Global Software Piracy Study that the commercial value of PC software theft leapt 14 percent worldwide in 2010 to $59 billion. Behind all that theft, of course, were millions and millions of computer users installing unlicensed software in homes, businesses, government agencies, and other enterprises.

What were they thinking?

In the past, we haven’t known very much about them. But now, thanks to the most extensive research effort ever undertaken on the subjects of software piracy and intellectual property rights, we do. (more…)

Closing the Financial Spigot for Fake Software Peddlers

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement August 18, 2011

“Follow the money,” the mysterious Deep Throat famously urges Bob Woodward in All the President’s Men. “Always follow the money.”

It is sage advice that investigative journalists and law enforcement authorities have been following for generations to ferret out criminal activity. And by the same token, cutting off the flow of money to a criminal enterprise is a tried and true way of shutting it down. Indeed, law enforcement authorities this summer have ably demonstrated how closing the financial spigot can be an especially effective tactic in combating online software piracy.

As security blogger Brian Krebs has detailed, authorities have at least temporarily disrupted the highly profitable fake antivirus racket by tying up its finances so that (more…)

Mexico’s Impressive IP Leadership

mexicoIn the global race to curb intellectual property theft and capture the myriad economic benefits that come from boosting legal software sales, Mexico is setting an impressive pace by leveraging a noteworthy combination of resources from government agencies and private industry.

The country’s lead copyright authority, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (known by its Spanish acronym, IMPI), has taken a forceful leadership role in driving software legalization. It began by getting its own house in order — conducting a self-audit and publically disclosing the results — and now it is reaching out directly to corporate end-users, educating them about licensing requirements, the benefits of using legal software, and, critically, the security and (more…)

Software Piracy Leaps to Record $59 Billion in 2010

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 12, 2011

The software industry is being robbed blind. That is the main conclusion I draw from the newly released 2010 BSA Global Software Piracy Study, which is available with a rich, interactive presentation of the latest data at

Theft of software for personal computers leapt 14 percent around the world last year to a new record of $59 billion — an amount that has nearly doubled in real terms since 2003. It’s truly stunning to think about: For every dollar of legal PC software sales, another 62 cents worth of products are being stolen.

Emerging economies like China, Indonesia, and Russia are the driving forces behind the trend, (more…)