Compliance and Enforcement

Internet Piracy Portal Launch

Unauthorized copying of software used to require physically exchanging disks or other hard media through the mail or on the streets. This unauthorized copying was ultimately overshadowed by corporate end-user piracy, a pervasive form of copyright infringement that occurs when otherwise legitimate companies install software on more computers than the licenses they have purchased permit. … Read More >>


Tailoring Consumer Protections for Digital Services

Europe’s consumer protection framework is currently under review, which is a good thing: strong consumer protection for Europeans is a must. This review provides an opportunity to assure consumers of a reliable standard of protection throughout the European single market and to reduce the regulatory and legal burden on companies by harmonizing the cacophony of … Read More >>

Intellectual Property

Scaling the Mount Everest of Trade Barriers to Create Jobs

It is a truism: To grow in the global economy, a country must trade. The Obama Administration and Congress clearly understand this. It’s why the President has set a goal of doubling US exports in five years — and why lawmakers are pressing hard to ensure that happens. Congress recently has been scrutinizing US trade … Read More >>