Five Steps to a More Coherent Data Framework for Europe’s Single Market

For any data-driven enterprise hoping to grow its operations in Europe today, the vaunted Single Market is a chimera. Rather than a harmonized legal framework and clear rules for how companies must safeguard people’s personal information and preserve their privacy, one finds a confusing patchwork. Take the example of a cloud computing service that offers … Read More >>


Pushing Data Breach Legislation over the Top

Data security and breach-notification legislation, badly needed for the good of the digital economy and long sought by stakeholders of all stripes, has nonetheless proven to be a Sisyphean task in Congress. Lawmakers first took up the issue six years ago, during the 109th Congress, but to no avail. In the 111th Congress, there was … Read More >>


Securing “here, there and everywhere”

Securing data in cyberspace is not easy. Just ask Sony, which has seen its systems repeatedly hacked in recent weeks, with personal information stolen from more than 100 million user accounts. Or ask Google and the hundreds of high-profile Gmail users who were recently hacked. Or even ask RSA, the security technology company, which had … Read More >>