BSA Goes A-Volunteering

Every year, BSA hosts a Global Day of Service, where we encourage our team members around the world to give back to their communities. This year, seven BSA offices participated, and I’ve enjoyed seeing all of their creative volunteer activities.

BSA headquarters in Washington, DC spent the morning helping the National Park Service pick up trash around the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

DC Global Day of Service

DC Global Day of Service

The Brazil team volunteered at Unibes, an institution that helps the elderly living in situations of social vulnerability. They spent the day painting, crafting accessories, playing games, and singing in the choir, as well as helping with donations.

Brazil 2018 Day of Service

Our team in Japan decided to volunteer at Setagaya Kashinokikai, a vocational aid center that hires people with disabilities and teaches them how to make, package, and sell baked goods. BSA helped them by making cookies and assorted dried fruits, and selling the products at a nearby office building. Tomoko Naoe, our Japan Country Manager, said it was a great opportunity to learn more about how disabled people find ways to communicate. Plus, the cookies were delicious!

Japan 2018 Day of Service

Japan 2018 Day of Service

BSA’s China office spent their day picking up cigarette butts and plastic bottles around Qing Feng Park, a beautiful, peaceful area in Xi’an.

China 2018 Day of Service

Angel Wu, our Country Manager in Taiwan, gave her time to the Taipei Parents’ Association for the Visually Impaired. She scanned books into their e-book platform, which helps visually impaired kids gain more access to literature.

Taiwan 2018 Day of Service

The Korea team spent the day at their public library helping people borrow and return books, assisting with office tasks, and cleaning up.

Korea 2018 Day of Service

Lastly, our coworkers in Singapore helped clean up the Gardens by the Bay, one of Asia’s foremost garden destinations, for the second year in a row.

Singapore 2018 Day of Service

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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