How to Continue Improving CISPA in the Senate

posted by in Cybersecurity May 30, 2013

With last month’s House passage of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), the cybersecurity debate has now moved to the Senate, albeit quietly, as attention in the upper chamber has been intently focused on immigration. This lull in activity presents an opportunity for Senators to take stock of improvements that were made to […]

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When “Security” Regulations Overreach

posted by in Cybersecurity, Global Markets July 9, 2012

Cybersecurity has justifiably become a front-burner policy concern for governments around the world. But what happens when security regulations are effectively used to bolster the prospects of local firms at the expense of foreign competitors? We are starting to find out, especially in emerging markets, where many governments have recently begun implementing security-related measures that […]

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The New Wave of IT-Focused Trade Barriers, Another Case Study: Discriminatory Procurement Policies

posted by in Global Markets, Industry June 29, 2012

Earlier this month, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers sent a letter to the Indian government, expressing alarm at “unprecedented interference” in the procurement processes of government and commercial entities in India. The letter stated, in part, that “This policy will undermine investor confidence and would be inconsistent with India’s international obligations, as well as, […]

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The New Wave of IT-Focused Trade Barriers, a Case Study: Regulatory Obstacles to Cloud Computing

posted by in Cloud Computing, Global Markets June 22, 2012

This week BSA released “Lockout,” a report that shows how a new wave of IT-focused trade barriers threaten to keep global companies out of critical emerging markets — and how the actions of big markets like China and India signal a domino effect, with other emerging economies following suit. The report describes five distinct types […]

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Lockout: How a New Wave of Trade Protectionism Is Spreading through the World’s Fastest-Growing IT Markets — and What to Do about It

posted by in Global Markets June 20, 2012

We have reached a pivotal new phase in the information technology revolution. The biggest centers of growth for IT products and services are no longer established powers like the United States and Europe, but emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil. New personal computer sales in China already outstrip sales in the United States, […]

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India’s Opportunity to Accelerate IT Growth

posted by in Industry November 18, 2011

After a week of meetings with policymakers and business leaders in New Delhi, I leave convinced India is on the right path to achieve its goal of becoming a power center in the global IT economy. As I noted a few days ago, the country is moving rapidly up the leader board in IT industry

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Partnering to Strengthen India’s IT Ecosystem

posted by in Industry November 16, 2011

“Technology has transformational power,” the Government of India declares in its 2011 National Policy on Information Technology. “It is a great leveler of opportunity within and across economies.” This observation is undeniably true, and India is well on its way to achieving its aspiration of harnessing technology innovation to become one of the world’s leading […]

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Dear Supercommittee, Leverage IT for Deficit Reduction

posted by in Cloud Computing, Industry October 28, 2011

The closely watched deliberations of the so-called “supercommittee” on deficit reduction represent an inflection point, not just for congressional efforts to rein in federal deficits and begin paying down America’s public debt, but also for the growth prospects of the US economy. The supercommittee’s assignment is no easy task, to be sure, but it offers […]

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US Maintains Leadership in IT Industry Competitiveness

posted by in Industry September 27, 2011

For countries seeking to develop globally competitive information technology sectors, the secret to success isn’t much of a secret: You need a healthy business environment, first-rate IT infrastructure, dynamic human capital, robust research and development, a strong legal environment, and adequate public support for industry development.

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In Federal IT Policy, It’s Now “Cloud First”

posted by in Cloud Computing November 22, 2010

The federal government’s effort to close the IT gap between the public and private sectors will put cloud computing first, OMB Deputy Director for Management and Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients announced Friday. Zients, who revealed the broad outlines of a five-part Obama administration proposal to increase the efficiency of the federal government, said that […]

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