In Cybersecurity, It’s “Learn and Adapt”

The US Army and Marine Corps’ official Counterinsurgency Field Manual opens with a quote that could easily serve as a motto for cybersecurity professionals: “This is a game of wits and will. You’ve got to be learning and adapting constantly to survive.”

General Peter J. Schoomaker was describing how to confront asymmetric military and political threats such as those posed by small, armed groups trying to overthrow governments or destabilize societies. But he might just as well have been framing the challenge of defending IT systems against cybersecurity threats such as those posed by Trojans, worms and viruses.

BSA member company Symantec last year identified 2,895,802 new malicious code signatures in its Global Internet Security Threat Report, a 71 percent increase from 2008. Think about that: nearly 2.9 million (more…)

Cloud Computing

How Will Hackers Fare in the Cloud?

If Willie Sutton had been a hacker, we know what he’d have thought about cloud computing. Sutton, of course, was the 1930s bank robber famous for his quip that he robbed banks “because that’s where the money is.” And for hackers, the cloud might be just as tempting because it’s where a great deal of … Read More >>

Cloud Computing

CTOs Bring Cloud Savvy to Federal Government

Today kicks off the BSA CTO Forum — an annual series of meetings between private sector chief technology officers and their counterparts in the federal government and policymakers on Capitol Hill.  I view this year’s forum as the “Davos” of cloud computing. We are bringing together the best private and public sector technologists to discuss how … Read More >>