Introducing SAM Advantage 2.0

posted by in Industry June 29, 2011

Organizations in every sector of today’s economy depend on software applications to make products, deliver services, run their internal operations and do business in the global marketplace. It is utterly essential as a strategic asset. But managing software assets poorly — especially by allowing users to work with unlicensed programs — can expose an organization […]

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SAM Advantage Challenge: The Race Begins…

posted by in Industry March 16, 2011

We hear it all the time. IT managers tell us they want to work with local IT professionals who are certified in implementing proven software asset management (SAM) programs. They are eager to implement SAM because they know it can help them maximize the business value they capture from their companies’ software assets. But they […]

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Decoding SAM

posted by in Industry September 21, 2010

Software is an indispensible tool in the operations of businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. But managing it can be a challenge. Companies without a systematic process in place to administer their software assets may buy too many licenses — unnecessarily draining financial resources that could be put to better use — or […]

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