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Introducing SAM Advantage 2.0

posted by in Industry June 29, 2011

Organizations in every sector of today’s economy depend on software applications to make products, deliver services, run their internal operations and do business in the global marketplace. It is utterly essential as a strategic asset. But managing software assets poorly — especially by allowing users to work with unlicensed programs — can expose an organization to a slew of unwelcome risks, including debilitating viruses, system failures, or copyright-infringement lawsuits.

That’s why BSA last year introduced an industry-leading software asset management training course and certification program — SAM Advantage — to help IT professionals increase efficiencies, control costs, and reduce the legal and security risks associated with ineffective software asset management practices. SAM Advantage is a self-directed, online program that is fully aligned with the global ISO/IEC 19770-1 software asset management standard, so the certification it offers is recognized globally by the business software industry and by BSA. (more…)

The Time is Now for Breach Legislation

posted by in Cybersecurity June 15, 2011

Data breaches are all over the news these days — Epsilon, Sony, Citi and Lockheed Martin, to name a few of the corporations, along with a number of government agencies and organizations.

One group, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, has recorded more than 2,500 breaches since 2005, involving more than 530 million individual records. In many cases, these records include data that are useful to identity thieves, such as Social Security, credit card, and driver’s license numbers.

Surveys find these breaches are causing people to question the security of online transactions. That is especially troubling because we are in the middle of an exciting new wave of innovation with (more…)

Securing “here, there and everywhere”

posted by in Cybersecurity June 8, 2011

Securing data in cyberspace is not easy. Just ask Sony, which has seen its systems repeatedly hacked in recent weeks, with personal information stolen from more than 100 million user accounts. Or ask Google and the hundreds of high-profile Gmail users who were recently hacked. Or even ask RSA, the security technology company, which had vital data stolen from its own systems several months ago — potentially compromising the security of some of its most sensitive corporate customers. (more…)