More Effort Needed to Pave Way for Cloud Computing Benefits

posted by in Cloud Computing, Data, Industry April 26, 2016

Much has been written about the benefits of cloud computing. It’s providing consumers, businesses, and governments quick, efficient and affordable access to technology that was previously available only to large organizations. And that access is rapidly expanding opportunities in established markets and emerging economies alike. Less attention has been paid, however, to what cloud providers […]

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When “Security” Regulations Overreach

posted by in Cybersecurity, Global Markets July 9, 2012

Cybersecurity has justifiably become a front-burner policy concern for governments around the world. But what happens when security regulations are effectively used to bolster the prospects of local firms at the expense of foreign competitors? We are starting to find out, especially in emerging markets, where many governments have recently begun implementing security-related measures that […]

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Manipulating Technology Standards to Impede Competition

posted by in Global Markets, Industry July 5, 2012

The point of having standards is to create a consistent set of rules, or models, for all parties to follow. That point seems to be lost, though, on governments in many emerging markets. When it comes to technology, countries like China and India are trying to create their own patchwork of unique standards — many […]

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The Legal Gulf Between China and the West Remains Wide

posted by in Intellectual Property March 28, 2012

What to do about China? It is the world’s second-largest economy and our second-largest trading partner, after neighboring Canada. Yet it remains the wild, wild East of the global economy, a place arguably more dangerous than anywhere else in the world for innovative U.S. companies to do business. If likely president-to-be Xi Jinping is interested […]

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US-China Mutual Interest in IPR

posted by in Intellectual Property August 23, 2011

China’s lax protection of intellectual property rights cost IP-intensive companies in the United States nearly $50 billion in 2009, according to the International Trade Commission, and it may have cost the broader US economy more than twice that amount. But it often goes unmentioned that the pain actually goes both ways — hampering prospects for […]

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Software Theft on the Table at May 9–10 S&ED

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement May 9, 2011

Four out of five software programs installed on personal computers in China are stolen at a commercial value of nearly $8 billion dollars a year. That issue will be on the table this week when President Obama’s economic team sits down in Washington with its Chinese counterparts for their annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue. The […]

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China’s Software Audits: Green Eyeshades or Rose-Colored Glasses?

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement January 27, 2011

Now that the dust has settled from Chinese President Hu Jintao’s recent visit to Washington, it is worth pausing to take stock of the latest round of developments on the thorny issue of software legalization, long a source of frustration in US-China economic relations. Recall that the issue topped the agenda in December’s ministerial

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Software Issues Top the Agenda for US-China Trade

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement December 17, 2010

If there was any doubt about the relative importance of software issues in the economic relationship between the United States and China, it was dispelled in the ministerial sessions of the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) that were held December 14–15 in Washington. The official statement and fact sheet that US negotiators issued […]

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US-China JCCT Talks Represent an Inflection Point

posted by in Compliance and Enforcement December 6, 2010

After years of frustration with persistently high rates of software piracy in China, could it be that we are about to see actual improvement in legal software sales there? Having met recently with top officials in the US and Chinese governments, I am guardedly optimistic. One thing is abundantly clear: Both governments, at the very […]

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Signs of Hope in the World’s Fastest-Growing Markets?

posted by in Industry November 29, 2010

Around the world today, policy-makers are coming to understand the role intellectual property can play in invigorating economic growth and creating jobs. I have just returned from a series of meetings in India and China, and while I saw signs of progress on intellectual property issues in both places, I was also reminded first hand […]

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